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Repair (Stucco Repair)

Stucco is a very popular exterior cladding material that's used in businesses across East Highland Park, Lakeside, Bon Air, Tuckahoe and Chester, as well as in and around Highland Springs, Mechanicsville, Laurel, Glen Allen, and Hopewell. Quality Wall Systems, Inc. LLC is one of the leading operators in this space; and we have been catering to a large number of customers from these areas, since 1996.

Signs That Your Stucco Systems Need Repair

Exterior Stucco is aesthetically appealing, affordable and versatile and with the right kind of installation, can last for a number of years. While this material is quite sturdy and resilient, there could be times when these surfaces also require repairs. If moisture seeps into this finish it can either deteriorate or crack. The different signs of damage you might notice are:

  • Discoloration underneath the trim along the exterior of your home or commercial establishment
  • Discoloration along the trim around windows
  • Efflorescence (a white chalky residue on the exterior of the building)
  • Musty or moldy smell in the interiors of your building
  • Stains on the stucco at the point where the roof and walls intersect
  • Stucco that has spread beneath the soil/ground
  • Moisture on the inside finishes around windows

While these are some distinct signs of stucco deterioration, you can't be too sure whether there really is any damage until you remove the stucco and examine the surface underneath. If you aren't too sure about whether the stucco walls on the outside of your building have been damaged, it's best to call us to thoroughly check all the surfaces. Over time, even slight deterioration can result in further cracking or disintegration and will impact the integrity of the installation.

Stucco Repairs - The Work Process

We provide custom stucco repair solutions to residential and commercial customers. When you call us with your requirement, we send over an expert to your location. He will examine the installation, evaluate the extent of the damage, and provide a quote for the job. Timely repairs can help reduce the repair cost for you. The different types of stucco repair jobs we handle are:

  • Patch repairs
  • Full resurfacing
  • Color-matching

Since we have in-house experts in our company, we are able to provide excellent solutions at a very reasonable cost. Regardless of the size of the job, we provide excellent solutions that match your requirements perfectly.

Top Quality Stucco Installation and Repair

We are very particular about quality control and our expert stucco installers ensure that the work is completed expertly and in a timely manner. Jim Moran, the founder of the company makes it a point to be part of the supervisory team for every project. This ensures all the projects are completed to the highest quality standards. No matter how simple or complex the job, we are the company that can handle it all.

Today, customers from across the region trust only us with all their residential and commercial stucco installation requirements. For any more information about stucco wall systems repairs, please contact Quality Wall Systems, Inc. LLC at this number- 804-737-6959. You can also connect with us via this online form.