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Today, most property owners look for energy-efficient solutions when it comes to new construction or upgrades. Temperature control systems are important, but they also tend to be energy-guzzlers and escalate your gas and electricity bills. In the summer, you use air-conditioning to keep the interior spaces cool, while in the winter you need to use the heating system to keep your house and property warm.

However, power prices are constantly on the rise and everyone wants solutions that will help keep those under control. With this in view, many people are now opting for solutions like EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) applications. We at Quality Wall Systems, Inc. LLC get a number of requests from property owners across East Highland Park, Lakeside, Bon Air, Tuckahoe and Chester, for EIFS coatings.

We also have a number of long-standing customers in and around Highland Springs, Mechanicsville, Laurel, Glen Allen, and Hopewell. The EIFS installations have significantly helped in reducing the utility bills for our customers.

EIFS - What is it?

EIFS is the acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. This system is now becoming very popular among residential as well commercial property owners. It looks very much like stucco, but its application method and maintenance is very different from the latter. This material was originally used in Europe and it was used for insulating various masonry structures; it also helped improve their look and overall appeal.

It was only in 1969 that this particular material entered the American market. When the oil crises hit the country, this material started rising in popularity as it helped add to the energy-efficiency of the property by at least 50%. In most instances, EIFS is made of 3 different components:

  • The Insulation board is typically made of polystyrene/ a similar material. This board is then attached to the structure's external wall.
  • The base coat goes over the insulation; this is also typically reinforced with fiber-mesh.
  • The finish coat goes above the base coat, and this makes the surface durable as well as crack-resistant.

EIFS Installation Is a Specialized Job

This installation is a very specialized job and it's important that expert and experienced EIFS installers handle this job. It's not something a novice would be able to able to handle; and poorly-installed EIFS siding can easily just crack & lose its integrity. If that happens, the moisture will seep in, which will then damage the structure that lies there.

In addition to its energy-efficiency, you will also find that there are a number of EIFS design options to choose from and this provides design flexibility. There is a large number of textures, colors and finishes and complements various architectural styles. When we handle this job, you are assured of the best solutions at the best EIFS cost and this provides you value for money in the long term as well. Contact Quality Wall Systems, Inc. LLC at this number- 804-737-6959. You can also connect with us via this online form.

Suppliers we use

DryvitSto Corp.Parex USA, Inc.Master Wall Inc.

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